How To Relieve Lower Back Pain At Home : Top 3 Tips To Reduce Pain

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In this article, you will learn how to relieve lower back pain at home which can help strengthen your back muscles and reduce pain in the lower back.

If you work at a desk or are seated for long hours throughout the day, you may experience acute pain in the lower back.

There are many ways that you can help reduce your lower back pain at home and they are very easy to do.

Below , you will find my top 3 ways to reduce pain and discomfort in your lower back.

How To Relieve Lower Back Pain At Home

How To Relieve Lower Back Pain At HomeThere are many causes of lower back pain and one of the most common is when you are seated at your desk for long hours.

Here are my top 3 tips on how you can get quick relief from lower back pain.

Tip # 1 : Stretches Help Reduce Lower Back Pain When Seated

Stiffness in the lower back can cause pain and it is recommended to take regular breaks and do some light stretches.

When stretching, try to hold it for 10 to 20 seconds and do some calm breathing exercises as well. This really help the mind and body at the same time.

On of the best stretches that I have found that help relieve my back pain is by lying on the floor flat on my back and then slowly raise my knees to my chest.

You can then slightly raise your head, you should be able to feel a slight stretch towards your lower back.

Make sure you do this a few times per day and always do these stretch exercises slowly.

Tip # 2 : Sitting On An Ergonomic Office Chair Can Reduce Pain In The Lower Back

What Is Bad And Good Posture

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Purchase a well made office chair that has an ergonomic design can help reduce tension to the lower back.

It can also help improve your posture as well, which is very important when it comes to reducing lower and upper back pain.

An ergonomic computer chair should have many different adjustable settings to give you better comfort when seated at your desk.

Some of the most common adjustable features of an ergonomic designed office chair is tilt tension, height adjustment, seat depth adjustment and also arm rest adjustment.

If you are very tall or very short, you should find an office chair that gives you the right back support.

Tip # 3 : Balance Ball Exercises To Strengthen Your Back Muscles

Using a balance ball is a great way to strengthen your core muscles especially help reduce lower back, hip and also leg pain.

You can purchase balance ball office chairs as well, which can improve your posture as well when seated at your desk.

Another positive benefit of using a balance or stability ball is that it can promote better flexibility of the spine to help reduce lower back pain.

When sitting on your exercise ball, make sure that your feet are flat on the floor and that your body is in a straight vertical line.

Easy Exercise To Reduce Lower Back Pain Using A Stability Exercise Ball


To find out more about exercise ball office chairs, click here.

What Is The Best Seat Cushion For Lower Back Pain?

By choosing the right seat cushion for your lower back is crucial to help reduce ongoing pain especially when seated.

If you cannot afford an ergonomic office chair, a back support cushion can help improve your posture and reduce stress to the lower back.

One of my favorite seat cushions are made from a material called WonderGel, it has the ability to reduce stress to the lower back and is also great for sciatica sufferers.

Another seat cushion that is great to reduce lower back pain is made from memory foam. It can help reduce stiffness when seated for long hours.

There are also lumbar support seat cushions that come with straps, these types of cushions allow you to adjust the height of the cushion to give you better back support.

How Should You Sit If You Have Lower Back Pain?

Your posture is very important when you are seated and want to reduce or prevent lower back pain.

Do not slouch at your desk, make sure your feet are flat on the floor and you are sitting in a relaxed position.

A lumbar support cushion can also help you get the right posture and reduce any tension to the lower back.

Pay attention to your posture when you are seated, if you find that you are slouching correct the way you are seated by adjusting your chair or seat cushion and follow the tips I have mentioned above.

By learning more about how to relieve lower back pain at home, you can get quick relief from pain and concentrate on your work more.


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