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Best Under Desk Foot Rest For Better Comfort

Best Under Desk Foot Rest For Better Comfort
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If you work for long hours in front of your computer like me, having a comfortable under desk foot rest can make a huge difference. There are also many different designs that you can choose from that also have an ergonomic design and fully adjustable.

Under the desk foot rests can help improve circulation in the body especially the legs. If you suffer from varicose veins, using these types of foot rests when seated can help prevent blood clots and pain to the legs.

When seated for long hours, you can start to develop a poor posture which is why it is important to purchase an ergonomic office chair as well as an adjustable foot rest. Below you will find the best rated ergonomic designed footrests that can give you better comfort and improve circulation.

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Best Adjustable Under Desk Foot Rest


This foot rest from 3M can help prevent leg strain while seated and has a non slip surface to give you  better comfort while working at your desk.

It has a heavy duty steel construction to give you a very strong product and better durability.

The 3M Adjustable Foot Rest is also easily adjustable up to 30 degrees horizontally.

For any person who suffers from leg strain while sitting down for long periods, getting a foot rest can help reduce your symptoms and they are also very affordable to buy as well.

Are you a short person and looking for an effective way to reduce leg strain? Then a foot rest is one of the best ways you can reduce leg pain, also make sure when you are seated that your feet are flat on the ground to avoid any leg pain over time. You also have to choose the right office chair for your short body frame.

If you are looking for a well made product that is built to last, this product is a great choice and is very affordable.


Benefits Of An Ergonomic Foot Rest

Under Desk Foot Rest
Under Desk Foot Rest

Using a foot rest at your desk has many ergonomic benefits that many people may not know about. A foot rest can help reduce stress and pressure to the lower spine and also reduce and prevent leg cramps.

If you have problems with circulation, an adjustable under desk footrest can improve overall circulation in the body.

When you are sitting at your desk, always make sure that your two feet are flat on the floor, as this can prevent a lot of leg strain especially at the back of the legs.

When using an ergonomic footrest at your desk, you can comfortably sit more properly in your chair and will not have any bad posture.

A foot rest will make sure that your feet are always flat to help improve comfort and reduce stress to the legs and back.

There are many different types of products available to purchase and they are also very affordable. By investing in a good quality foot rest, you do not have to worry about experiencing any pain or discomfort when seated for long hours at your desk.

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Top Rated Ergonomic Under The Desk Foot Rest


This footrest from Kensington has memory foam to soothe tired legs and feet.

It has a very convenient foot pedal which makes it very easy to adjust the footrest without you moving from your chair.

The Kensington SoleMate Adjustable Footrest with Comfort Memory Foam can also be adjusted to up to 30 degrees to give you the right comfort while working at your desk.

This foot rest also has a non slip surface and is very comfortable even when you do not wear any sock or shoes.

If you experience a lot of lower back pain, a footrest can also help reduce pain and discomfort especially when sitting down for long periods.




Best Adjustable Footrest : Best Footrest To Relieve Tired Legs


This ergonomic designed footrest can easily be adjusted with the tilt angle slides.

The footrest is a little higher than most products out in the market today and is great for people who are short and are not comfortable while sitting for long periods.

The Safco Products 2106 Ergo-Comfort 8″ High Adjustable Footrest is also well made and can support the weight of your feet.

You can easily use this footrest in your home or office and is very light in weight.

If you are looking for a higher footrest that can help reduce lower back pain or give you more comfort while sitting down, this product from Safco is a great choice.




An under desk foot rest can help with many leg problems when seated, it is important to take the time to shop around first. There are many benefits of getting a footrest for your office and they can offer better comfort especially if you work at a desk for more than 5 hours per day.

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