Best Adjustable Footrest For Desk Or Workstation

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Getting the best adjustable footrest for desk or workstations is very important and many individuals who work at a desk for long hours are unaware of how it can help reduce pain especially in the lower back.

Adjustable footrests are the best products to buy as you can easily adjust the height and is also recommended to use a footrest if you are shorter in height.

To increase proper circulation in the legs and to prevent cramps, using a footrest is an easy way to reduce strain in the legs as well as your lumbar back area.

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Best Heavy Duty Adjustable Footrest For Desk

The Workrite Height Adjustable Rocking Footrest has a solid construction and your feet will not slide when in use.

No matter what type of chair that you have, this adjustable footrest from Workrite can fully support your feet and also prevent leg cramps and bad circulation.

If you suffer from lower back pain, this product can also help take off the pressure from your back and reduce pain or strain in your body.

It also has a nice ergonomic design and can easily be adjusted to suit your comfort level.

With the non slip surface and the extra wide platform, you will find this footrest is very comfortable to put your feet on and is recommended if you work at a desk for many hours.

This product is one of the best ergonomic designed footrests for your desk or workstation.



Ergonomic Under The Desk Footrest For Your Office


The Kantek Professional Adjustable Footrest has an ergonomic design and can reduce muscle fatigue and cramping on the legs.

It has three height adjustments levels and you can easily change the tilt level of the footrest as well. If you are looking for an affordable footrest for your desk, this product from Kantek is a great option.

This product also has bumps on the surface which can massage your feet, which is a great added feature of this product.

The extra wide platform also allows better comfort and it is also very light in weight which is great if you want to take your footrest to work or move it around at home.

This extra wide ergonomic footrest is a great addition to anyone who works at a desk for long hours.



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Best Adjustable Massage Footrest With Rollers


The Ivation Adjustable Massage Footrest With Rollers is a popular product that can also massage your tired feet and reduce cramps in your lower legs and feet.

There are three different height adjustments that you can choose from and it can tilt to a maximum 30 degree angle.

The surface of the footrest has textured nodules to allow you to massage your feet when seated or you can use the beads in the middle if you prefer to use them instead.

The non slip surface is also a great feature as this can prevent further leg fatigue especially when you are at your desk for long hours.

The size of the footrest is also quite large to give you the right space and is perfect for any person who wants better support for their lower back as well as their lower legs and feet.

This under the desk footrest is a good quality product from Ivation. It is also very affordable and designed to last a long time.


Best Wide Non Slip Footrest For Under The Desk


The 3M Adjustable Foot Rest Wide Slip-Resistant Platform comes in a charcoal grey color and has been endorsed by the American Physical Therapy Association.

It has a very easy to use height and angle adjustment to help you get the right comfort and support when seated at your desk.

If you are looking for the most strongest footrest for your desk, this product is one of the most popular as it has a very solid construction and also the width is very wide.

The anti slip surface also helps prevent your feet from sliding. The maximum angle this footrest can go is 30 degrees and the maximum height is 4 3/4 “.

The width of this footrest is 22”, and it is perfect for anyone looking for an extra wide under the desk footrest.

Best Rated Solid Built Adjustable Footrest


The Safco Products 5124 Task Master Adjustable Footrest has a steel construction and is made from the strongest materials for better durability.

With it’s 8 degree angle, it can help reduce strain in your ankles and legs when sitting down for many hours at a time.

The button tabs on the stand can lock into position and the triangular steel base allows better stability. The top layer of the platform is textured to prevent slipping of the feet.

It has nine height adjustments and is one of the best adjustable footrests in the market today. The top surface of the platform can also relieve pressure points.

If you are looking for a heavy duty footrest that is easily adjustable, this product from Safco is a great option as well.

This product can help if you experience leg cramps often when seated on your office chair.


Adjustable footrests for your desk are an affordable way to reduce leg strain and improve circulation to the legs. Depending on your budget, you can easily find the right footrest.

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